Owner / Estimator

Sets goals and drives results.

Jessica Woody

Chaos Manager!

Jessica is legendary for being able to take customer calls, homeschool, take Dallas' calls and hold it all together! She's amazing!

Matt Galliher

Master Mind / Climber / Feller

Matt is very skilled with a chainsaw. Matt is a producer and makes it happen. He has operated his own Tree Service, managed a group of foreman for Phillip's and Jordan. He makes the difficult and dangerous possible. We are very glad to have him on our Team.


Groundman / Operator

Mikes been around so long he's practically family. Through thick and thin, Mike is the first person to work for me and not give up. Mikes and Dallas have both trimmed and cut down thousands of trees around Smith Mountain Lake together.


Groundman / Operator

Randal is the muscle when you need it. He eludes pictures, but you can't miss him when he shows up. Randal has helped clean up thousands of jobs around Smith Mountain Lake.